Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sigyn: Loki's Forgotten Love Interest

Sigyn: Loki's Forgotten Love Interest

For those who only watch the movies or only read the rebooted comics, It may come as a surprise that Loki ever had a love interest. Many of the writers who have the privilege of writing storys containing Loki have forgotten about her altogether. Even a very true-to-mythology comic about Loki killing Balder to gain power, she was nowhere to be seen. She was very important to the mythology, she was the one who stuck by him when he was condemned after killing Baldur. 

Surprisingly he was the one who pursued her in the first place.

He Disguises himself as her boyfriend and after a while marries her in his disguise, only to reveal himself right after their marriage is made official. She is named Godess of Fidelity for staying with him. (you know your a terrible person when the only person who will stay with you is the goddess fidelity)  She hates him at first for obvious reasons. Loki only sees her as a pretty object at first but throughout their marriage in the comic they truly fall in love with each other. This seems very sweet and surprising coming from Loki. At one point he even frees Thor the save her and calls her "the love of my immortal life".

I wish the writers would reintroduce her, but since Loki has been reborn as a small kid, I doubt it will happen anytime soon. She was his soft spot, the consistency to his chaos, The fidelity to mischief. She was very important in the myths but has been all but forgotten in the comics.

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  1. Wow nice article, i didn't know they put Sigyn in the comic!